Bee Propolis Max (100 Capsules) (Buy 24 get 25% off)





Buy 24 bottles get 25% off, $33.75 each.

Bee Propolis Maxâ„¢ is a colloid substance made by bees from mixing collected resin from collagen plants and bee secretions. The propolis’ effectiveness is determined by its purity and concentration level. Through years of research, effort and extensive lab tests, Landmark Pharm International has created a highly purified and high concentrate bee propolis by using the most exacting purification technology available. This is the first bee propolis in America with a 5 times the concentration of regular propolis. This will help to maximize the propolis’ already beneficial potentials and is designed for long term use to support the body’s immunity system without any side effects. Since its market release in 2005 in the United States, it has become extremely popular. The Bee Propolis Maxâ„¢ is a great daily heath care supplement product for yourself, your family and makes a great caring gift for your love ones.

Contains 5 Times the concentration of regular propolis! It has the purest and highest amount of Flavone compound.



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