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NEWS: Landmark Pharm International, Inc. (LMP)’s 「Bee Propolis Max™ 」 

Contains 5 Times the concentration of regular propolis!
It has the purest and highest amount of Flavone compound.

Bee Propolis Max

Bee Propolis is a colloid substance made by bees from mixing collected resin from collagen plants and bee secretions. The propolis’ effectiveness is determined by its purity and concentration level. Through years of research, effort and extensive lab tests, Landmark Pharm International has created a highly purified and high concentrate bee propolis by using the most exacting purification technology available. This is the first bee propolis in America with a 5 times the concentration of regular propolis. This will help to maximize the propolis’ already beneficial potentials and is designed for long term use to support the body’s immunity system without any side effects. Since its market release in 2005 in the United States, it has become extremely popular. The Bee Propolis Max is a great daily heath care supplement product for yourself, your family and makes a great caring gift for your love ones.

Contains 5 Times the concentration of regular propolis! It has the purest and highest amount of Flavone compound.

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Bee Propolis’s 10 Great Functions

Bee Propolis’s greatest functions are in supporting increase metabolism and maintaining the body’s immune system. Our high concentration Bee Propolis provides a greater beneficial result per tablet. Each high 5X concentrate tablet is the equivalent of 5-6 tablets of the other manufacturers’ regular propolis!

1. Helps to support the body’s resistance.

2. Reinforce the body’s system .

3. Maintains and protects the digestive system to abate the effects of gastritis, acid stomach, gastric ulcer, and duodenal ulcer. Studies also shown that it helps to kill off harmful bacteria and repairs dead tissues.

4. Bee propolis, in various studies, has generated good results in its antitumor and anticancer abilities. Containing quercetin-3-L-rhamnoside, kaempferide, galangin, and terpene compounds, which contains multiple kind of saponins; lignanoid, caffeic acid phenethyl ester, SIS-g-BMA, all of which are great vessels of anticancer substance. Especially caffeic acid phenethyl ester, quercetin-3-L-rhamnoside, methaform and Artepilinc. Scientific lab tests have shown the potential of these compounds to suppress cancerous cells without causing harm to normal cells. They may also help to reduce the side effects of radiation treatments and chemotherapies.

5. Help to calm the nervous system.

6. Maintaining and strengthening the body’s natural immune system.

7. Tests have also indicated propolis’ natural properties to help resist viruses. Propolis contains flavonol, flavones, flavanones and caffeic acid which are all virus resisting compound. Laboratory results show it can resist: flu virus, vaccinia virus, hepatitis B, herpes virus, poliomyelitis, and other viral transmitted disease.

8. Protect against ulceration and diminish inflammation. Propolis has a great film forming property; therefore it is a wonderful substance to alleviate: canker sore, periodontitis, bronchitis, pharyngitis, amygdalitis, rhinitis, and otitis externa.

9. Helps to build up the body’s resistance against allergies, hay fever and atopy.

10. Assist to beautify the body. Other test results have shown its beneficial effects in the treatment of acne and to abate hair loss.Propolis acts as an anti-inflammatory and promotes tissue regeneration. By regulating the endocrine system, it supports the body to improve blood circulation, which is of great benefit for the treatment hair loss. Propolis can be a bactericidal anti-inflammatory, anti-cracking, and anti-infection, which is great benefit for improving acne breakouts. Flavonoids, glycosides, phenols, terpenes and other ingredients in propolis all have antioxidant effects. The body, during oxygen metabolism, will generate waste: reactive oxygen species (ROS) and free radicals. They can act on the cell membrane and blood lipids to form lipid peroxides; deposited on the cell membrane, they can cause tissue damage, resulting in pigmentation, pigmentation, acne, rough skin. The lipid peroxidation materials will be deposited in the vessel wall; may cause thrombosis, or lead to atherosclerosis, and cataracts.

5 Advantages

As we all know, more than 90% of drugs and health supplements are dispensed in the form of capsules instead of liquids by hospitals, pharmacies, and health supplement stores. Why is this? Capsules have the following characteristic advantages:

1. Capsules help to cover some of the bitter tastes and odors of the drugs and ingredients inside.

2. It can isolate the ingredients inside from the light, air and moisture; it is conducive to storage and helps to improve the stability of ingredients in the capsule.

3. Capsules do not have any additives and other impurities. It can be directly absorbed by the body, spread rapidly in the central stomach, and the absorption, bioavailability is high.

4. Capsules are not rapidly excreted by the body. May delay “time release” the drug or supplements inside stomach to achieve an optimum release of nutrient supply and better absorption of the drug or supplement by the body.

5. Easy to take, easy to carry, and longer shelf life.

Liquid formulations have the following characteristics:

1. Fast evaporation, open source for easy contamination once the bottle is opened.

2. Not easily absorbed, is rapidly excreted from the body.

3. Difficult to carry, transport and store.

Perishable: the liquid formulations can contain sedimentation, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavorings, preservatives and/or heavy metals in order to hide the taste and stabilize the preparations. The body is not receiving the drugs or supplements in its purest form and may cause problems with some people.

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