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Landmark Pharm International Inc. (LMP)

  • Year 2000: Landmark Pharm International Inc. is established. Our primary business is in Research & Development, manufacturer of vitamins, health food supplements and medical equipments.
  • Year 2001:Invested extensive resources, research and development on various natural plant derived health supplement products that can help to improve the body’s immune system. Established distribution networks in major South America counties.
  • Year 2005: After five years of research studies, our unprecedented five times the concentration propolis is brought to the USA market. This is the United States and the world’s highest purity “Bee Propolis Max” offered to the public.
  • Year 2008: Landmark Pharm International Inc. sets up offices in Europe, Asia and other areas worldwide. “Bee Propolis Max” becomes one of the more popular supplements in 30 countries.
  • Year 2018: “Reishi Max™ with SEA CUCUMBER” was successfully launched! Become the world’s first product of sea cucumber and four kinds of Ganoderma lucidum Red Reishi! After 3 months in the market, it has been sold for 10,000 bottles!

News of Landmark Pharm International, Inc. (LMP)

Landmark Pharm International, Inc. (LMP) has successfully developed a purification technology using polymerization to produce the United States’ Only “5-Fold Concentration Propolis” thus maximizes the propolis’ effect on health. Long-term use can enhance the body’s immunity against pathogens and has absolutely no side effects. The Landmark Pharm International, Inc. “5-Fold Concentration Propolis” was launched to market in 2005: in less than a year, it was sold throughout the North America. Bee Propolis Max is excellent choice for holiday gifts and daily healthy supplement for the whole family!